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Curriculum Guide for Music at Phillips Brooks School in Menlo Park, CA

Curriculum Guide: Music & Movement

The PBS Approach

Music class guides students through a cumulative process of learning, using music, speech, movement, and drama, as well as introducing instrumental parts through speech or body percussion. We balance appreciation of musical genres with the development of a working knowledge of key musical vocabulary. We nurture skill-development and produce creative and flexible musicians. Music classes incorporate a broad spectrum of pedagogical styles, including the philosophies of Carl Orff and John Feierabend.

Performance practice is an integral part of the music program. Performances allow students to…

  • Demonstrate presentation and community-building skills
  • Develop confidence when expressing themselves in front of an audience
  • Foster positive collaboration with their peers in an ensemble
  • Experience the joys of performing

The music department at PBS in Menlo Park, CA provides students with the opportunity to develop their inherent musicianship and prepare for life-long participation in the performing arts.


Global Awareness

Students will study music and dance from around the world. They will study how music and dance have shaped communities around the world.

Risk Taking

Improvisation and creative dance will give students an opportunity to experiment with new ideas in a safe learning environment. 

Key Concepts and Emphasis

Evaluation Criteria