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In our mathematics program, students are engaged and confident. Daily math activities are full of questions, value student ideas, and embrace the power of mistakes to drive learning. Light-bulb moments can happen at any time!

Our energized environment creates mathematicians who are ready and excited to solve all kinds of problems. PBS math creates a strong foundation in number-sense skills, as well as an understanding of how concepts connect and increase in complexity.

PBS math is…

  • Question-based to achieve unique student thinking, accuracy, and more complexity around math concepts
  • Hands-on application of strategies so that students learn multiple problem-solving techniques
  • Designed to promote higher-level insights, conversations, and observations among students
  • Rigorous in a meaningful way, diving deep into critical thinking
  • Intentionally built to move from concrete concepts to abstract ideas
  • Drawn from state-of-the-art math programs and resources to ensure an inspiring and comprehensive math experience for all PBS students

Our homeroom teachers use Bridges in Mathematics as a starting point for their math instruction. We believe that Bridges offers an ideal balance: Developing students’ deep understandings of math concepts, proficiency with key skills, and ability to solve complex and novel problems. It blends the right teaching and learning methods: Direct instruction, structured investigation, and open exploration.

PBS has an ongoing relationship with youcubed, a Stanford-based institute studying math education and promoting an evolution in mathematical pedagogy, putting brain science and other research into practice in the classroom. Its cofounders Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams have been to campus on several occasions to work with faculty, parents, and students, as have youcubed alumni like Amanda Confers, who is the Director of Mathematics at Camino Nueva Charter Academy in Los Angeles.

To help parents understand the PBS approach to math instruction – which has advanced and developed from their own experiences with math learning – PBS hosts annual Math Days. Teachers open up their classrooms for parents to come in and see math lessons in action; our weekly GATHER talks are math-focused; and guest speakers visit campus to provide parent education.