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How can library time cultivate a lifetime love of literature?

Our librarian is relentless in discovering the special connection that can spark a love of reading within every child and believes that there is a book waiting for everyone. As you walk around PBS, you’ll hear students and faculty discussing their latest reads, faculty sharing in a book club or recommending new books to one another, and parents and children discovering new authors together.

Through stories and book talks, the library fosters an appreciation of traditional and current literature, as students are exposed to the best of fiction and nonfiction books. Library stories offer support to the classroom literacy curriculum and enhance each student’s cultural literacy.

Library classes are held once per rotation for children in preschool through 4th grade. Children in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades are welcome to visit the library informally throughout the day to check out or return books.

The library also sponsors a number of visits to campus by children’s authors each year, giving students the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the inspiration behind their work.

Librarian Maeve Knoth and a class full of Kindergarteners, acting out moments from a picture book in the PBS Library