Your School
[students gather by the playground]


We have high hopes for all of our students. We value each individually; we treasure their differences – the things that make them who they are! – as we celebrate our common ground. We hope to inspire all of our students to find and follow their passions, to challenge themselves, and to learn to find their best selves every day.

We could never capture everything about every student here, but below are a few common threads we’ve found in the tapestry of our student body:

PBS students are kind.

They respect themselves and the uniqueness of others. They are compassionate. They are learning to communicate honestly and effectively. They show strong sportsmanship and are team players.

PBS students are courageous.

They do what is right in spite of the risk or fear of discomfort. They accept their mistakes and view them as part of the learning process. They resolve conflicts and overcome obstacles. They self-advocate. They are up-standers.

PBS students are community-minded.

They are learning to be responsible members of their local and global communities. They use social awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships. They are collaborative.

PBS students love to learn.

They are curious and eager to learn. They ask “juicy” questions. They take ownership of their learning. They explore their interests. They are learning how to manage, regulate, and express emotions. They embrace reading, writing, math, science, art, music, physical education, history…