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By passionately pursuing core teaching beliefs that set us apart, we create the extraordinary every day at Phillips Brooks School. We guide children to cultivate their individual talents, explore and dig deep while working and reflecting together. In the process they discover their best selves – they flourish.

PBS is an inspiring work environment where:

  • Understanding each student is at the heart of our work.
  • Faculty continually model and practice social learning skills and core values.
  • Dynamic, energized classroom environments are key.
  • Engaged students are invested in meaningful work.
  • Support and respect is given for each member of our expert faculty team.
  • Highly collaborative faculty are committed to integrated planning.
  • Growth mindsets are prevalent.
  • Research and proven best-practices drive decision-making, facilitated through ongoing professional development.
  • Receptive and supportive administrative leaders work closely with faculty.
  • Approaches to teaching, professional standards, and learning goals are strongly aligned.
  • Each faculty member is appreciated and supported by families.


This role is available for immediate placement during the 2019–2020 academic year.

Phillips Brooks School (PBS) offers an opportunity for science-focused educators to teach the scientific method and deliver STEM-based education to young learners ages 5 to 11. Our approach is distinctive for elementary schools because science at PBS is taught in a first-rate lab by a science-trained instructor. The Science Teacher, reporting to the Director of 3rd–5th Grades and Specialists, will support the strategy and execution required to meet the school’s goal of delivering a rigorous science program that grows curious and critical student-scientists and prepares them for middle school and beyond.

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