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Phillips Brooks School Alumni

Some of our alumni graduated from Phillips Brooks School in 1982; some have only just begun middle school. Some are faculty members. Some are parents of current PBS students. Regardless of how long ago they graduated, though, our alumni will always be an important part of the PBS family.

For many, the time spent at PBS was the longest spent at any school; many of our alumni credit their experiences at PBS with shaping them into the adults they’ve become.

Our alumni are confident collaborators in secondary school, in college, and in their professional careers. They take the lessons learned here and the essence of the core values with them to each new adventure, sharing those lessons along the way with their classmates, their colleagues, and their children.

Our alumni have…

  • A healthy, independent sense of self
  • Thirsty intellects
  • Strong interpersonal skills fostered for life
  • A reliable internal compass to navigate the challenges of their young-adult years and beyond

They are…

  • Skilled learners willing to take academic challenges and risks.
  • Positive and high-performing team members
  • Leaders by example
  • Activists who are compassionate, responsible, and culturally competent
  • Friends, community-builders, organizational contributors, and global citizens

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