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Curriculum Growth and Development Plan

The PBS Curriculum Growth and Development Plan has these guiding principles:

  • Grounded in our mission and core values
  • Looks closely at what we teach and how we teach it
  • Informed by current research and best practices
  • Supported by outside experts so we capture innovative approaches
  • Develops a tool to measure ongoing success

The Curriculum Growth and Development Plan has two parts:

Why CDD and PBSi?

  • A real, formal plan to advance the excellence of our program and take us to the next level 
  • Formal assessment using relevant research and outside expertise
  • Opportunity to engage faculty as leaders driving academic initiatives

How do faculty teams go about addressing each topic or curricular area?

  • Take inventory of skills and content to identify strengths and gaps
  • Look outside PBS and study best practices and relevant research
  • Set the stage for feedback and bring in an expert
  • Determine changes large and small to take us to the next level
  • Design a plan for assessing progress
Three-year Rotation Plan:


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