Inspired learners. Inspiring life.

Why PBS?

At Phillips Brooks School, you will find an unwavering commitment to:

  • A supportive and collaborative learning environment;
  • Experienced and passionately committed faculty devoted to understanding each child;
  • A challenging and inherently differentiated academic program;
  • A uniquely comprehensive social learning experience.

Empowering Learning Environment

Everything we do at Phillips Brooks is student-centered:
  • We value and nurture the uniqueness of each student;
  • We encourage children to take ownership of their own learning;
  • Our relatively small size of two classrooms per grade level means that each student is well known and encouraged to explore genuine interests and master concepts;
  • We create a safe, compassionate environment where it's okay to take risks and make mistakes, where effort is recognized and celebrated, and where intrinsic motivation is cultivated and sustained.

Superior Faculty

At Phillips Brooks, we are committed to the best practices in educating children today:

  • Our faculty models a lifelong love of learning and embraces a growth mindset that continually reinfuses their teaching practices;
  • Our professional development program connects teachers with ongoing opportunities for professional growth throughout the school year and in the summer externally and through PBSi -- Phillips Brooks Summer Institute for faculty, featuring in-depth curriculum review through integrated faculty teams.

Excellent Programs

  • Teacher-student ratios are intimate; The ELC, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade teams feature lead teachers and associate teachers in each classroom. 
  • Curriculum is intentionally designed to maximize each child's potential.
  • Teachers facilitate interactive discussions, hands-on learning, and collaborative as well as individual initiatives.
  • Every learner expresses and stretches his or her thinking through daily opportunities for dialogue, writing exploration, and projects.
  • The curriculum is continually fine-tuned to offer a challenging scope and sequence designed to achieve high standards of readiness for middle school, with Common Core Standards as a springboard.
  • To learn more about our Early Learning Center and Kindergarten programs, please read "Where We Begin at PBS."
  • A compelling social learning and community citizenship program is thoroughly interwoven into the daily student experience.
  • Reinforced by our distinctive all-school community GATHER and cross-grade collaborative opportunities, our students learn to lead humane, compassionate lives.
  • Emphasis on positive communication strategies and common language helps all children and adults on campus acknowledge the importance of positive and sincere communication with others.
  • Parents and visitors are encouraged to attend GATHER assemblies, which focus on inclusion and universal values that affirm a variety of faiths, traditions and family customs practiced in our global community.
  • Our unique PBS Families program brings students together in 16 multi-grade “families,” each supported by at least two faculty/staff “parents.”
  • All of these connections ensure that each child feels safe, included, and successful at PBS.

Exemplary Leadership
  • An experienced, visionary group of administrative leaders and Board of Trustees are committed to excellence and ethical stewardship.
  • Leadership committed to program excellence, accessibility, and partnerships aligned with our mission and core values.

We invite you to attend an Open House campus tour to see PBS in action. Open House tours are scheduled from September through January. To schedule a visit call the Admission Office at 650-854-4545 x137 or email or sign up through our Admission website. Please select the tour you would like to attend by visiting here.  We look forward to meeting you! We also encourage you to follow this link to The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) for more information about independent schools.

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