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10 Things We Know and Love


#1. You can have it both ways

Top notch, engaging academics can, and should, be seamlessly integrated with thorough social-emotional development. You don’t have to choose one over the other.

#2. One size does not fit all

Every child learns differently. What works for one, may not for another. By truly knowing our students and customizing learning experiences, we help children reach their full potential.

#3. A little power goes a long way

Liberated and energized children are eager learners. We cultivate empowered, independent thinkers by guiding students to be agents of their own progress.

#4. We’re better together

Collaboration is the key to a healthy learning community. Whether it’s students analyzing project data, specialists integrating a project across disciplines, or teachers strategizing on behalf of a single child, we always work to support and inspire each other.

#5. Play is good…very good

Young children learn through play. When purposeful play is at the heart of the early childhood learning environment, it inspires, engages and motivates, creating a joyful foundation.

#6. Educate the whole family

Whole-child learning is the baseline. Incorporate the whole family and the returns are even greater. We bring home and school together to support and fully maximize your child’s potential. In the process, the entire family benefits.

#7. Timing is everything

Virtually every student at every elementary school will learn how to read, write and solve math problems. It’s how students feel about it, and how thoroughly they embrace their experiences, that makes us different.

#8. Think outside the desk

Classrooms can be great places for work and reflection. Beyond the classroom, even more inspiring learning environments beckon. We believe in fully engaging students throughout our campus and the region—in sunshine and fresh air, on patios and porches, in gardens, studio spaces, exhibit halls and historic and wilderness preserves.

#9. The most important lessons aren’t in a textbook

Compassion, empathy and giving back are taught by example and by doing, day in and day out. We bring to life our core values of courage, community, kindness and love of learning by practicing them daily in all of our actions large and small.

#10. Take a risk…or two

When children feel safe and supported, they will push the boundaries of what they know and learn to accept that they will make mistakes. We establish this foundation on day one and continuously build on it. By the end of their journey, our students are intellectually and socially mature. They thrive in our learning community because they know how to relate to each other and, most important, because they know who they are.

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