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Why We Give

Giving helps our school community thrive

By passionately pursuing core teaching beliefs in ways that set us apart, we create the extraordinary every day at PBS. We guide children to cultivate their individual talents, explore, and dig deep while working together. In the process, they discover their best selves and truly flourish. Giving works the same way: Philanthropic support from our community empowers PBS to reach for the next level, explore new ideas, and create exceptional learning opportunities for our students. Together, we create a dynamic atmosphere of collaboration and support. There’s an excitement here, a liberating, exhilarating feeling that every day our students are inching closer to becoming the people they are meant to be.

Giving drives our vision for the future

PBS is committed to ongoing curriculum development so that our students benefit from an exceptional academic program. Your charitable gifts enable us to invest in our faculty and launch new program initiatives, while sustaining our exceptional curriculum so that each student is challenged to meet his/her intellectual potential. Your support also provides the flexibility and resources to ensure our school is accessible to all families who share our mission and core values. Finally, we’re committed to continuing to deepen the engagement of our outreach beyond our walls. Giving empowers us to extend learning from the classroom to the community and continue to grow as a national model for early childhood and elementary education.

Giving is who we are

We’re extraordinarily fortunate to have a community of great generosity, in which nearly all of our parents, trustees, faculty, and staff give gifts of time, talent, and financial resources every year. Our volunteerism and support of PBS is a chance to model the power of community. We give because we want to show that we are invested in each other and our children. We want our children to learn about generosity and give back to their communities.

Philanthropy at PBS

Phillips Brooks School has always relied on voluntary financial support from its families and broader community. These gifts support the people and programs that make our school so special – talented teachers, innovative curriculum, and the best possible learning environment for our students.

Like all independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of providing an exceptional education for our students. PBS relies both on tuition income and on philanthropic gifts to balance its budget each year. Gifts to the Annual Fund, Benefit, and Endowment from PBS parents, faculty and staff, grandparents, and alumni families comprise 16% of the school’s operating budget. Philanthropic gifts are essential to sustaining our community of learners and ensuring that a PBS education is accessible to all who believe in our mission and share our core values.

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