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Explore and Apply

Thank you for your interest in Phillips Brooks School. We are pleased to announce that our Admission process for the 2016-2017 school year is virtually "paperless" and features extensive online capabilities. 

Explore these three simple steps:

Step 1: Inquire

Note: This step is essential to get you started and is not a commitment to apply to PBS! 

To fill out online inquiry information, click here, then fill out the basic inquiry information required. Through Ravenna, our online admission system, you can explore admission process steps, sign up for events and open house campus tours, fill out and submit application components, and monitor the status of your application. To access all of these features, click the "Apply Online" button, below, and enjoy PBS's Online Admission Process!

Step 2: Explore PBS Admission Events and Review our Admission Procedures

To explore all of our online admission options, simply click "Create an Account", follow the prompts, then fill out the basic inquiry information required to "Add a Student" to your account. You may review customized details of PBS's admission process for your child's grade level, including scheduling a campus tour and signing up to attend our Open House. Simply go to the Explore page and follow the prompts.

Step 3: Complete Application Forms

When you're ready, you can fill out the application forms at your leisure. Because creating an account does not commit you to apply, you need not complete any further forms until and unless you are ready to submit your completed application to PBS (due January 3, 2017). To fill out the application forms, follow the prompts to "Complete/Confirm Your Student's Profile". You may start these forms, leave them partially finished, and return to them at any time; they are not received or viewable by us until you press the "Submit" button.

Step 4: Set Up Your Visit

Our paperless admission process at PBS may be “green,” but it remains centered around getting to know each child and family while also making sure that you get to know our wonderful school. We strongly encourage your family to come see PBS and visit with us in the Admission Office. To set up a visit, and if you have questions at any time, please call us at 650-854-4545 x137 or email us anytime at 

Need Help with the Online Application?

Customer Support for your online application is always available through Ravenna! If you are using the Ravenna online admission portal and have any questions related to the online features and how to use them, you may also contact Ravenna Customer Support at any time by emailing

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