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Middle School Matriculation

PBS students' overall acceptances to independent schools are exceedingly high.  Each year, more than 60% of our students are admitted to a “first choice” school, and more than 85% are admitted to one of their top three choices.

PBS students' 10-year acceptance rate at the five most commonly applied to independent schools (Menlo, Sacred Heart, Castilleja, Woodside Priory, Crystal Springs) is 80%, the highest among elementary schools in our area. 

The PBS program is designed to prepare students well for challenging middle school learning environments; admission results bear out the excellence of our program and the high desirability of PBS students among schools throughout the region. So do standardized test scores and, most important, the successful educational and life experiences of PBS alumni.

PBS teachers and administrative leadership are committed to helping guide your family through the middle school application process and advocating for your child with each school. A large part of our value in the process comes from the fact that PBS truly knows your child as a learner and a community member. Our goal is to keep your child's prospects for long-term success and confidence at the center of our priorities by aligning with your family to focus on a relatively small list of schools with learning environments best suited to their unique attributes.

What Middle Schools Say About Our Graduates

In middle school, PBS graduates...

  • ...demonstrate strong academic preparation
  • ...are collaborative learners
  • ...are effective communicators
  • ...exchibit confidence
  • ...are known for quality teamwork
  • ...take on leadership roles
  • ...are motivated learners
  • ...are problem-solvers
  • high engagement in their learning

PBS Middle School Enrollment 2011-2016


Total 2011-2015

Bullis Charter1
Castilleja School31
Crystal Springs Uplands School18
Girls Middle School2
Harker School3
Hilbrook School1
Keys School5
Khan Academy1
Los Altos Christian School1
Menlo School46
Nativity School1
Nueva School13
Pinewood School4
Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton22
St. Andrew's Episcopal1
St. Matthew's Episcopal1
St. Raymond School2
Synapse 3
Woodland 2
Woodside Priory 29
Public Middle Schools 22
Home School1

Class of 2016 Acceptances

  • Bullis Charter

  • Castilleja School

  • Crystal Springs Uplands School

  • Harker School

  • Hillbrook School

  • Khan Academy

  • Menlo School

  • Nueva School

  • Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton

  • Woodside Priory

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