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Admission Procedures

Follow the steps below to apply to PBS. For more detailed information, click any of the tabs below. If you have any questions at any time, please call the Admission Office at 650-854-4545 x137 or email We look forward to working with you!

Application Steps:

  • Contact the Admission Office and visit the PBS website for detailed information and the online admission application.
  • Set up an Open House campus tour through the admission section of the website, or by calling the Admission Office at 650-854-4545 x137.
  • Arrange a parent/guardian admission interview. Children may attend interviews for families applying for the ELC or Kindergarten; interviews for 1st–5th grades are parents-only.
  • Schedule a one-on-one child visit for ELC and K applicants; members of the Admission Team will interact with them and explore the campus a bit, with a parent present.
  • Arrange a classroom visit for applicants to 1st–5th grades or an applicant group visit for ELC and Kindergarten applicants. Please submit the parent portion of the online application prior to bringing your child to visit.
  • Complete all of the online application materials by January 13, 2017.
  • If applying for financial aid, complete the online financial aid application and submit it to Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) by January 31, 2017. Your completed tax forms are due to FAST by February 14, 2017. You may contact the FAST customer service call center directly anytime by calling 1-877-326-FAST (1-877-326-3278) if you have any questions about your financial aid application.

Visit PBS

The Phillips Brooks School invites you to visit our campus and offers weekly Open House tours by appointment from September through January. Applicants for 1st–5th grades spend time on campus in the classrooms; ELC and Kindergarten applicants visit the Admission Office and participate in applicant group visit.

Open House Campus Tours 

Small-group tours include an overview and walk-through of the campus and classrooms as well as a brief question-and-answer session once the tour ends.  Most tours begin with an all-school community event like our Friday morning GATHER assembly. Tours last approximately 90 minutes and are for adults only. Please visit the Explore and Apply webpage to sign up online for the tour date you prefer. The Admission Office is always happy to help with any questions at 650-854-4545 x137 or by email at

Application Materials and Due Dates

Following is a list of documents that you (and/or your child’s teacher) need to complete online. These documents do not need to be submitted together but are due on January 13, 2017, for applications for the 2017–2018 school year. Please contact the Admission Office for late inquiries. 

Application and Parent/Guardian Statement

All applicants must complete the online Application for Admission and Parent/Guardian Statement.  We also ask that you submit a $100 application fee. Contact us at 650-854-4545 x137 if a fee waiver is needed. Applications and Parent/Guardian Statements are due by January 13, 2017.

Teacher Recommendations

All families applying to PBS should follow the online instructions regarding the required teacher recommendation forms (PK–1 and/or 2–8 Common Confidential Student Evaluation Form and the PBS Supplemental Teacher Recommendation Form) and request that your child's current (pre)school teacher complete the recommendations. These forms are confidential, and the teacher should complete these forms and submit them directly to the Admission Office by January 13, 2017.

Report Cards and Standardized Testing

If your child receives report cards or progress reports, please request that your current school or preschool provide copies of your child’s most recent report card/progress report, as well as the previous year's transcripts. We also request the results of any standardized testing your child may have taken during the current or previous school year. Report cards and testing results are required by the Admission Office as part of the application process.

Financial Aid Application
Central to PBS’s mission is a commitment to socioeconomic diversity among its students. To fulfill this commitment, the school maintains a strong financial aid program, which seeks to ensure that a PBS education remains accessible to qualified students.  Financial aid applications must be submitted online to Financial Aid for Student Tuition (FAST) by January 31, 2017.  Please make sure to indicate on your admission application that you are interested in applying for financial assistance so we can send you informational materials about the online application process and a pre-addressed envelope in which to submit a copy of your completed tax returns to FAST, as well. For more information about financial aid, including deadlines for submission of all forms, please refer to the Tuition & Financial Aid page on the PBS website or call the Business Office at 650-854-4545 x117.

Parent Interview and Applicant Visit

A parent/guardian interview with the Director of Admission and an applicant visit are required steps in the admission process.

Parent/Guardian Interview

For families applying to 1st–5th grades, the parent/guardian interview occurs separately from the applicant visit. For those applying to the Early Learning Center programs or Kindergarten, the parent/guardian interview and an initial visit for the child are required and are typically scheduled at separate times.

If you have toured the campus and plan to apply to PBS, please stop back at the Admission Office before you leave campus to schedule your interview, or contact us by phone or email. We strongly recommend that you submit the basic online application, with or without the Parent/Guardian Statement, before or as of the date of your child’s first visit. If you submit an online application for your child before visiting, the Admission Office will contact you upon receipt of the application to schedule your parent/guardian interview.

Applicant Visits

Students applying to 1st–5th grades spend either a full day (5th) or a half day (all others) in their current-grade classroom with teachers and current PBS students. The visit includes administration of evaluation materials that correspond to work their peers are experiencing at PBS. Please call the Admission Office to arrange a classroom visit for your 1st- through 5th-grade applicant.

ELC and Kindergarten applicants visit in the Admission Office between October and January with a parent/guardian present and work one-on-one with the Admission Director for a portion of that time. These applicants also return to PBS on one of two Saturdays in January for a faculty-guided playgroup experience in the ELC or Kindergarten classrooms, with parents waiting nearby. Please call the Admission Office to schedule your interview; sign up online for the playgroup of your choice once you have submitted your online application (with or without the Parent/Guardian Statement).

Notification of Acceptance to PBS

We send out our admission decisions at the same time as other South Bay and Peninsula independent elementary schools; this year, decision letters are mailed as of March 15, 2017.

If Your Child is Not Accepted to PBS

Unfortunately, we do not have the space or the resources to accept all applicants who apply to PBS. If your child is not accepted to PBS, this typically means that there are many qualified applicants and too few spaces to accommodate them.

PBS maintains a wait pool for those students who are qualified to attend but for whom there is no room at present. We sometimes find that space becomes available, and in such cases we will go to our wait pool. We ask parents to designate the length of time you would like wait pooled applications to remain active (from spring through the following year).

We are happy to assist you if you have any questions. Call the Admission Office at 650-854-4545 x137 or email

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