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Every day at Phillips Brooks School I am truly fortunate to witness our distinctive approach to the joyful and meaningful development of children's cognitive and social learning. My hope is that you will explore PBS and soon discover what all of us here know and love about our School.

PBS is a place of inspiration. We create the extraordinary every day by passionately pursuing core teaching beliefs that set us apart. We guide children to cultivate their individual talents, explore and dig deep while working and reflecting together. In the process, children at PBS discover their best selves – they flourish.

To truly experience the vibrancy and energy of our students and teachers, we encourage you to visit our campus. You'll find empathic, expert teachers and engaged children who are challenged, empowered and fulfilled as learners and positive community builders. Together with our inclusive, multi-cultural family community we create a dynamic atmosphere of collaboration and support. There's an exhilarating awareness here that every day our students are journeying purposefully to become all they are meant to be. This is the essence of PBS.

Here on our web site you'll find a wealth of information about the school and our admission process. Contact us by phone or online to get started. We look forward to getting to know you as you get to know us!

With warmest regards,

Meeta Gaitonde
Director of Admission
650-854-4545 ext. 110

Explore Admission

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